digital scenery, 3D

for the performance XxA by Tony Renaissance & Lena Kuzmich

XxA marks a quest into the underworld, the chaotic breeding grounds where selves are sculpted and  identities moulded. It traces a place where friendship is magic, radical care a transformative force, and where hybrid bodies spawn queer joy.

With social expectations and personal stories of love, loss, pain ever-present, navigating this ambiguous world raises questions of being and becoming.
3D Scene-Cristian Anutoiu, Costumes-Anna Schall&Rosa Wiesauer, Photography Lena Kuzmich
excerpt of the 3D landscape
In XxA, where neither characters nor landscapes are ever fixed, we witness eternal metamorphosis. Is change this sore and tender planet’s only constant? Do we find ourselves within a spectrum where alleged opposites merge?
(c)Bettina Frenzel
(c)Bettina Frenzel

Direction, video & sound: Lena Kuzmich & Tony Wagner
Text: Lena Kuzmich, Tony Wagner, Lennart Horst
Concept for costume and stage: Lena Kuzmich & Tony Wagner
Costume: Rosa Wiesauer & Anna Schall
Construction of stage: Georg Hampe
Light design: Jan Wagner
3D visuals: Cristian Anutoiu

With: Lena Kuzmich as Xena & Tony Wagner as Angel Galore
Performed at Kosmostheater Wien