installation — video (looped, 16:51min)
Sound by Tony Renaissance 

on view at Deichtorhallen Hamburg - Sammlung Falckenberg as part of PASSAGE by Jakob Lena Knebl & Ashley Hans Scheierl

Bodies are dynamic entities, constantly acting and re-acting to their surroundings and
themselves in a perpetual state of flux - folding,breathing, breaking, expanding. Bodies are not singular; but rather a tapestry of interconnected cells and multitudes, beings, wetware, software and hardware.

un-becoming.000 serves as introduction to a project which thematises technology as it transcends its conventional role as a mere extension to the body — instead, becoming an inseparable part of the bodily experience. 
From everyday elements like contact lenses to more complex structures such as prosthetics, (sub)dermal implants, and transplants, technology is fusing more and more with the biological, thus to some extent birthing chimerous beings.

In its first iteration, visions of the body get reimagined in the virtual realm and challenge prevailing stationary notions of the body — aspiring towards an understanding of the ever- changing, reactionary notion of corporeal existence. 

What are the thresholds of bodily identification; 

where does the body begin, 

or identity dissolve?