multmedia installation series

Transgressionality is a collection of sculptures, videos, and imagery that explore the reconstruction of ones own body in various forms. 
One of the goals is providing comfort to queer nonbinary avatars, by embedding them in tailored virtual environments, ultimately expanding and distorting the data they inhabit.

The series is originally conceptualised for digital exhibitions on google maps which digitally squat physically existing locations.

I wish you were not here by room69 can be found here


Exhibited at Potluck Vienna, 2023
together with Fiona Hauser, Dunia Sahir, Margo Dubovska, 
Maximilian Prag, Johannes Hartmann, Erin Sankey, Josepha Edbauer

Amidst the echoes of time, a forgotten terrain lay dormant—a once bustling parking lot, now abandoned and obscure. Yet, from the veils of obscurity, lost souls found themselves irresistibly drawn, stepping forth to explore its enigmatic depths.

In this mystical realm of decay, they stumbled upon relics, discarded and forsaken, remnants of the past whispering tales of forgotten narratives. The aura of the space began to shift as these seekers unraveled the hidden secrets, each fragment revealing its unique allure.

As they delved further into the unseen layers, an extraordinary transformation unfurled. A delicate dance of new life emerged, a symbiotic relationship between the space's forsaken inhabitants and their newfound explorers. Boundaries blurred, and a captivating interplay of old and new, of decay and resurgence, painted an abstract canvas upon their souls.
The transcendence of this experience beckoned the creation of a realm beyond the tangible — the 'potluck,' a decentralized exhibition series started by soloshow. It was a virtual portal, a place where the artifacts' essence could transcend their material forms and manifest anew, through its documentation bursting from within.

Within this ethereal gallery, the relics found their reawakening, summoned from their slumber to a realm of infinite possibilities. No longer mere objects, they embodied fragments of history, poetry woven into their very being.