video, 15:04min

collaboration with sweeep (sound)
within the frameworks of 25AV

sweeep (sound producer) and Cris Anutoiu (visual artist) merged their essences together, resulting in SHATTER, a 16 minute experimental audiovisual project.  

SHATTER is an experimental investigation into the non-linearity of virtual parallels. It immerses you into bodily explorations which span over multiple digital worlds and mirror conceptions of existing matter, lusting for transhuman skins and pores.

It guides you through delicate and ethereal landscapes — however as the experience progresses, cracks begin to appear in its serene facade, shattering once peaceful illusions. These cracks manifest themselves as unexpected flashes of light and matter - a virtual world of serenity, yet underlined by a constant note of discomfort and tension.

Through experiencing the fragility & non-linearity of our physical form in relation to virtuality, familiar concepts of physically percepted bodies begins to shatter, while simultaneously generating space for most intimate explorations and extension of ones self. A ritual that is as rebirthing and natural, as insects shedding their skin - the purest form to the echoes of thoughts materializing.

shattered embodiments & exhausted light
fragmenting my surfaces.

sweaty agglomeration of pores,
and pixels so diffuse.

Each one so separated,
burrowing, crawling
nurturing the dispatched core
rebirthing my organisms anew.

an emptiness
with capacity for grace
I live for it
a relief
from living for myself