Lights Of Heaven - Working In Background



pollinated 01

experienceable through AR & online

„This object is a conserved being, frozen during metamorphosis -
locked within the slimey & glowy walls of this cave.
It does not appear in nature.
Recently, it has absorbed the green particles of the fog that took over the cave,
and picked up the pigments.

Only when no one looks at it, it can take on its true form.
Drifts of blue gas hang over it, on the surface of the small pond,
and all that is left of the frog is the little stick figure,
stuck in the mud of this pond, with arms held out to him.
Its mouth is twisted into a 'C'.
It looks insane, and it’s laughing. It’s laughing at you.
It’s laughing at the scene that unfolded before your eyes, and then when the trees eventually fade,
leaving the torches alone with the wild forest around,
it will keep you company in your limbo.

This insect/frog - like object was found under a very dirty rug.
The strange part about it is that it is partially preserved and still alive.

It was found in a cemented well and is now being reactivated through your touch <3

Excerpt of an AI generated text based on keywords and sentences about the technical description of ρσʅʅιɳαƚҽԃ⁰¹.
Sound: AI generated sound based on images of ρσʅʅιɳαƚҽԃ⁰¹

Installation Shots

This work was created for and exhibited at the room69 exhibition Experience Near Death Experience - Stack Overflow”, that was hosted on New Art City as part of The Wrong Biennale

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