Cris Anutoiu (they/them) is a transdiciplinary artist, currently 
based in Vienna (AT).
mediums: 3D, CGI, video, sculpture, installation, real-time projects, collaborations

They work with the dynamics and evolving relationship between physical and digital spheres, speculating on the concept of queer transhuman worldbuilding, and how technology can reshape and sensitize the understanding of our environments and identities.

Drawing inspiration from science fiction, fantasy, queer and posthuman theories, their work captures the fragmented and complex nature of constructed worlds, infused with a sense of gentle magical realism.
Throughout their process, both tangible and intangible constructs emerge, embodying the potential of the fluidity between the physical and virtual — a chimera of both entities. 

Their work has been exhibited nationally at Belvedere21, CIVA and Leopold, as well as internationally in Los Angeles, Tunis, Norway, Italy and Germany.

In addition to studying Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts under Jakob Lena Knebl, Cristian is a founding member of the artist collective room69, which mediates contemporary intermedia formats through progressive exhibition formats.

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 ^++++++++/? (())))) ^^^^+++++^^
 ?~~~?? (())) ^^^
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 ++^"^^++.// ^"^
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 ^^^""^^^^^ // '
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2024 upcoming
MAK Vienna – Intervention of current exhibition,  Transmediale Kunst, Summer 2024
Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Transmediale Kunst, Summer 2024

 2023 selected
Screaming Screening, Vienna (AT)
CONCRETE METAMORPHOSIS, Sehsaal, Vienna, room69 (AT)
Das Weisse Haus, commision room69
DWHx Digital Platform Show (Google Maps)
Seeing (OKOskar), Salzburg (AT)
SONAR FESTIVAL, Barcelona, Spain (ES) 
Parallell Art Fair, Vienna (AT) 
Best Austrian Animation Film Festival Vienna, (AT)
Arse Electronica, Linz (AT) 
GLETSCHER, Kunstverein Wagenhalle, by Klemens Hegen (DE) 
Frame[o]ut, Mumok, MQ Vienna (AT)
Ephemeros, Vienna (AT)
totally fucked up hobby club, TMK Angewandte, Vienna (AT)
What does it take though, Vienna (AT)
Potluck Vienna, Spektakel Wien, Vienna (AT)
2022 selected
Neonland, Leopold Museum, in collaboration w/ Maximilian Prag
Monolog Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
Command +G, curated by Markus Pietra, Georg Kargl, Vienna (AT)
wash me over, gently, softly, Italy + Google Maps exhibition
interference series, Tunisia (TUN)
Freakylicious, Parallel, Vienna (AT)
Ymak Video Screening / Visuals - MAK, Vienna (AT)
Summershow, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, online
Kunst in Bewegung,OHO, Burgenland, Austria (AT)
room69 x LArtcore, LArtCore Brewrly, Los Angeles, California (USA)
experience near death experience,Museumsquartier, Raum D, Vienna (AT) 
tried to manifest, but got lost in translation, room69 x MikeyLaundryArtGarden, Bergen, Norway (NOR)
Fashion in Focus, Never at Home, Vienna, Austria (AT)
Like the lines of my body melting away, Karlsplatz showroom, Vienna (AT)
LABOR DER ZÄRTLICHKEIT, Performance with Live Visuals, at BRUT, as part of Handle with care selected by BEATE, with Maximilian Prag, Luca Bonamore, Francesca Valeria Karmrodt
THE LIBRARY OF BABEL, curated by, Charim Gallery, Vienna (AT)
Embodied Structures, CIVA (Viennas Media Arts Festival), curated by Martina Menegon & Eva Fischer, Belvedere 21, Vienna, (AT)

*All pictures taken by the artist unless stated otherwise. 
*All rights reserved, ©Cristian Anutoiu 2023