video, 13:05min, collaboration

together with Lena Kuzmich, Tony Wagner, Martin Eichler

Choir of Kin - Video Outtakes 

Choir of Kin is an immersive audiovisual performance and installation by Transformative Narratives where the voices of various life forms merge in a fictional habitat. 

Applying queer understandings of kinship to research in ecology, biology, and music theory, the piece revises our relation to the natural environment. Theme and methodology are informed by the collective's inquiries into symbiosis, entanglement of landscapes, and sympoietic world-building. Choir of Kin acts as a resilient yet dissonant defense system for dealing with environmental and generational trauma.

In Choir of Kin, the collective Transformative Narratives invites the audience to partake in an immersive audiovisual experience. The installation, together with a performance that commences from March 14-16th, see the voices of various life forms merge in a fictional habitat. Explorative sounds reverberating in this intricate scenery cherish the get-together of human and non-human collaborators in a multi-species affair.
video outtakes

List of Collaborators:
Lena Kuzmich & Tony Wagner 
Cristian Anutoiu & Martin Eichler (video & 3D)
Tatjana Komaroff
Gerard Visuals