Performance by Luca Bonamore, Francesca Valeria Karmrodt with live visuals by Cristian Anutoiu & Maximilian Prag
performed at BRUT NordWest, Vienna, Austria (AT)

moves between physicality, language and media art. 

Based on the setting of the flirt game show Herzblatt, which was popular until the 2000s, the absurdities of the Western dating world are treated in their consumerist logic. The performers Luca Bonamore and Francesca Valeria Karmrodt explore forms of staging and vulnerability in interpersonal relationships and negotiate intimacy in its political dimensions on stage.

For this performance, Cristian Anutoiu together with Maximilian Prag developed live projections, that underline different symbolical references in the performance. 

By developing the scenes in Unity and thus displaying the worlds in realtime, the worlds interactions are never displayed the same way but, change with every navigation and interaction between both physical and digital performers.

Besides the live performance projections, they also developed the visuals for the posters and teaser visuals.