stage design & avatar creation for Bleed.SIM, by Alexander Schubert


orthogonal view of the stage


BLEED.SIM is a cartridge file used for the Telex VR Experience System. It’s part of the „NPC Ritual Files“ extension collection. These simulation (.sim) files contain ritualistic experiences of self disruption and ego dissolution. Turning a human into a non-performable character (NPC) is the shared goal of these experiences. 

Bleeding is the phenomenon of either projecting human identity, agency and personality onto a virtual avatar (bleeding in) or of a person becoming affected by the traits of a avatar (bleeding out). This setting uses these terminology from gaming culture and applies it onto a VR-based setting and on the concept of agency and identity of the physical body. In this ritual session the performer is given a VR headset and a replica of the physical body and is then offered to alter, dissociate and destroy the virtual body through intoxication and self hurt practice. It hence addresses the core aspect of a VR piece which is the possibility to put into the foreground that you have been given a body. 
A fact easily disregarded with the fleshly body becomes addressable in this technical scenery. In essence the experience considers the normally strictly digital concepts of bleeding also as a phenomenon that occurs with the self and the human body in an analog setting. BLEED.SIM only tries to visualize this aspect and to make it directly perceivable. 

 live performance documentation
pictures by Alexander Schubert

blade & cup props