Lights Of Heaven - Working In Background



    Video, 16:37 min
    sound by sweeep
    supported by 25AV


      Through experiencing the fragility and non-linearity of our physical form in its relation to virtual spaces,
the known concept of our physically perceptional body begins to shatter, while simultaneously generating
space for most intimate explorations, extension and liquefaction of ones self. A ritual that is as rebirthing and natural,
as the process of insects shedding their skin - the purest form to the echoes of thoughts materializing.

shattered embodiments & exhausted light
fragmenting my surfaces.
sweaty agglomeration of pores,
and pixels so diffuse.

Each one so separated,
burrowing, crawling
nurturing the dispatched core
rebirthing my organisms anew.

an emptiness
with capacity for grace
I live for it
a relief
from living for myself

    SHATTER is an audio-visual, experimental investigation into the non-linearity of virtual parallels.
It immerses into the view of an energy accumulation/spirit wandering through different worlds,
mirroring conceptions of existing matter, lusting for new skins and pores. While exploring fibers
of parallel realities, glazing its fragile landscapes in its aura, flying over its past physical manifestations.
sweeep (Linnea Kristel - sound producer) and Cristian Anutoiu (visual artist) merged their essences together,
resulting in an immersive experience, .with fragments of the world also being experienceable in different platforms.

The visual aspect of the experience is a delicate, ethereal landscape, with soft, pastel colors and gentle movements. However, as the experience progresses, cracks begin to appear in its serene facade, shattering once peaceful illusions. These cracks manifest themselves as unexpected flashes of light and matter - a virtual world of serenity, yet underlined by a constant note of discomfort and tension.
The combination of these contrasting elements creates a multi-faceted virtual experience that lingers in the viewer's mind long after it concludes, prompting us to gain a deeper understanding of our own reality and body.

The audio component of the experience begins in a peaceful yet eerie state, with an ambience of being inside this virtual utopia, protected by angels. However, as one delves deeper into the virtual worlds, the audio becomes increasingly dissonant and intense. The listener begins to hear harsh, abrasive sounds. These sounds evoke a sense of soreness and unease, contrasting the initially serene atmosphere. Eventually the glitched harshness is accompanied by sweeep’s resigned voice:

reflections of myself
reflections of the sky
waves crush on my thighs
makes me high

tell me what's real
and make me feel
I was blinded by the light
now I’m blinded by the dark
dive deep for eternal sleep