*transdisciplinary artist

    Their practice negotiates concepts, fictions and contingencies between physical and digital realities. Birthing queer realities, their visual language crystallizes a fragmented world injected with gentle magical realism.

In this process, cross-realities and their translationary artefacts become crucible for transporting experiences into tangible realities and installative generated narratives. Constant experimentation with 3D software leads to virtual worlds, installations and sculptures that tease time and space. The artificial is juxtaposed with the organic to express fragility and opposition of subjectivity and normativity. Through reinterpretations, 3D scans and kitsch, Cris’ practice moves between transhuman mysticism and digital magic

In addition to studying Transmedia Art and Painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, they’re a founding member of the artist collective room69, which mediates contemporary intermedia formats through progressive exhibition formats.

Cristian Anutoiu currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

open for collabs (っ^▿^)💨