Lights Of Heaven - Working In Background



fairies in the virtual

Virtual Spa / Retreat / Architecture / Island / Fantasy / Zoom Background

commissioned by CIVA Vienna (Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art) for the Vienna Design Week 2021 Exhibition 
video, 00:50 looped

„The Covid-19 pandemic has altered not only – at least temporarily – our social behavior, but also the places, where we meet.
Separating elements, hygiene barriers, and access restrictions have restructured physical space. And, at a stroke, a technology, whose victory had long been predicted by science fiction – video telephony –, was transformed from an emergency solution into the standard. Due to its sudden omnipresence in our everyday professional and private lives, there was a need to swiftly develop a social space, in which one could orient oneself within this new medium.
One curious detail of this shift to the digital is the virtual backgrounds, which many video conference platforms enable us to use.
From the carefully selected wall of books and beyond, these add extra levels to video communication or allow us to conceal untidy apartments.

In order to offer festival visitors new possibilities for presenting themselves in the virtual realm, CIVA and the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK commissioned the creation of five virtual architectures, which are on show in the Festival Headquarters and available for download free of charge.

With work from: Tobias Revell, Valerie Messini, iheartblob, Margarete Jahrmann, Thomas Wagensommerer und Louise Linsenbolz, Cristian Anutoiu“


early variations

please feel free to use any of the imagery as a virtual background <3 :-)