Lights Of Heaven - Working In Background

come feel my skins, still, 2022

come fe


comissioned by SOUND:FRAME / CIVA

CIVA Festival 2022 (Viennas Media Arts Festival) at Belvedere 21, Vienna (AT)
curated by Eva Fischer & Martina Menegon

Ç̷̀́̚O̷̹͍͇̝͎̩̗͒͒̒͊͊͒̕̚M̶͎̖̭̥͓̟̞͍̫̖͍̣̈́͌͂̀̃̆̏͝ͅÉ̵̻̠͔͕̹̤̲̟͓͑͝ ̷̨̧̖̯̱͕͎̣̙͓͉̤͕̑͜F̸͕̹̳̬̻̒͆̀͑͛̂͑̈́̎̇̀̈́͠͠E̵̢̗̳̰̞̭͍̜̦͈̎Ḙ̷̡̨̢̱̤͉͗L̴͇̬̯̻̼͙̊͜ ̷̢̡̖̟̘͕̱͈͎̬̖̱͇͇̘́́̂̃̍M̴̧̠̫͕̯͙̥̒̄́͜͝͝ͅY̸̭̽ ̸̞͍̤͔̗͙̼͎͍̩͕̹̔͐̓̊̓͌̄ͅͅͅS̵̨̛̯̗̥̗͈̉̂̈͘͠Ḳ̵̘̺͖̘̫̘̯̣͈͇̈̀̀͜͜ͅͅI̸͎̮̼͓̰͌̃̚͠N̸̼͇̗͐͛̾̉͑̍̆̈S̷̼̟̖̝̳͖͕͕̥̮̘̮̽͆̈́͘

between layers of reality.

artifacts of my body originated in this virtual environment
and I now am tangible for you to move, explore and feel.
I am animated,
so expressive,
so alive
in the spaces of our inbetweens intertwining

that you consider me as a breathing,
as alive -
as your own flesh

Every once in a while,
remember that this body is also yours.
Watch me flow and tumble across the boundaries
between myself and your reality,

only you know, through your eyes,
how you see me, not what you know of me.

And so, let me just ask:
What am I?

What does it mean that you are seeing me this way?

Let the questions fill the rest of your silence,
feel them, reflect, act on them.

There are no absolutes,
no conclusions.

I am existing as you are,
seeing you the way you see me.

I am you and you are I.

i am saturating the spaces between all that you are
and all that you will be.

the space between my skins is perceived and manifested
- I am here.

I populate the landscape of your perception
where we stand together -
tangibly indistinguishable -
yet at the same time separate -

still linked.

i am everything that is present,
that persists
in both of us

i am

is a 2 part installation that finds itself between parallels of reality. Fragments and artifacts originated in virtual environments, with fractions of it becoming tangible in physical perception through the installation.

They urge to experience and rethink the navigation of the complex relationship between the built world and the „natural“ world.

Their non-conforming bodies are inhabiting the concept of space on various platforms and perpetually present themselves by being forever embedded in the internet — confronting corporate structures and binaries.

These organisms were born and constructed in digital space. With the help of milling, their data was anchored into a homogeneous physical form - exploring veils of perception and presenting itself to you. Their corresponding glitches served as key conductors for finding new life within the objects. Additionally, AI generated content that was fed on keywords and visuals of the installation and embedded in the poem and sound of the environment.

AI generated sounds that were fed with images of the sculpture were integrated into the sound of the video, to which a light source under the sculpture is reacting to - thus creating a homogenous construct of linking and (assimilations) symbiosis.

exhibited at

CIVA Festival 2022
Belvedere 21, Vienna (AT)
curated by Eva Fischer & Martina Menegon

curatorial text by Eva Fischer & Martina Menegon

In cyberspace, the contemporary self-body incorporates the virtual and transforms it into another manifestation of the body that exists simultaneously in both physical and virtual worlds. Through this exchange between realities, the virtual becomes what artist and theorist Micha Cárdenas calls “transreal,” as “real” as our physical world. And while existing in a transreality, our body is not limited by the skin but rather expands through embodied artifacts.

Through the virtual, we have the freedom to alter ourselves, becoming a “complex new expression of prosthetic reembodiment through which our physical bodies and subjectivities extend themselves into the virtual terrain.”

In Cristian Anutoiu’s installation COME FEEL MY SKINS, the self is defined by the perspectives occupied by the body in the digital space •59 and the physical world.
It is a fragmented self-body born as virtual artifacts that find their ways into tangible physicality and perception. Here, both the virtual and physical selves glitched and created new life while complexifying through AI-generated content. As we employ technology to define our contemporary self-body as well as our personal and cultural identity, computers and devices become our second selves, and AI our companion and co-creator. As our contemporary self-body is embodied in conjunction with technology, navigating our avatars brings the sociocultural significance of the physical body along.

Crossing realities and platforms, COME FEEL MY SKINS proposes fluid and non- conforming bodies forever embedded in the internet and always confronting corporate structures and binaries.
It is a queer body, “queer as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live.”
It is an online, networked self-body that belongs to everyone while constantly creating and breaking connections and realities, existing in both cyber and offline spaces.

COME FEEL MY SKINS looks at how the virtual and particularly the internet affect our contemporary notions of identity and goes beyond binaries and structures by literally breaking into beautiful cross-real pieces that nevertheless belong together in our transreality.